Our Advisor!

Mrs. Joyner

Mrs. Joyner has worked at Beachwood High School for over 30 years as the Secretary to the Principal. She has built lasting, meaningful relationships with many of the staff, and is known for her strong work ethic, solid values, and compassion for the Beachwood community. . . both students and their parents. 

The Team!


Carrington Peavy

Carrington Peavy is a 18-year-old senior. She plans to make a change in the world and our system and make sure everyone gets equal opportunities.


Gregory Perryman

Gregory Perryman is a member of the Beachwood Class of 2022. He is involved in Model United Nations, Student Council,  and Amnesty International. He believes that  "climate change is the defining challenge of our generation and requires we put front line communities at the center of our response". He describes his approach to leadership in four words: vision, courage, listening, and discipline. He also enjoys running on the track and field and cross country teams. 


Shivani Rajgopal

Shivani Rajgopal is also a member of the Beachwood Class of 2022. She believes that there is no "Planet B" and that we need to work together to preserve and protect our Earth. 


Sophia Muliolis

Sophia Muliolis is a Beachwood High School alumni who is continuing her education to get a degree in international relations and aspires to one day change the world. She brought together the climate action team in hopes to inspire activism and spread awareness in regards to the ongoing climate crisis. She believes, "if our world leaders are not stipulating what is necessary to combat the climate crisis, then it is up to the younger generations to ignite the change and fight to protect those most vulnerable and for a more sustainable future. Climate change is not only a worldwide catastrophe, it is simultaneously a social justice issue." Sophia will continue to be a part of the team she began.