The Beachwood High School Climate Action Team was started in May 2019 by Paisley Truitt, Carrington Peavy (12th), Gregory Perryman (11th), and Sophia Muliolis (12th), four students at Beachwood High School who came together after sharing their concerns about the existential threat of Climate Change not only for ourselves but for friends and family. Later we were joined by Priyanka Shrestha and Shivani Rajgopal (11th) and together we are using our skills to build a movement and collective consciousness committed to bold climate action to fight climate change for our generation and our children.

Our Mission

Uniting students, parents, teachers, and community members in climate action for the City of Beachwood and beyond, through education and advocacy. 

We seek to create a cross generational coalition led by students to achieve 100% renewable energy for Beachwood schools by 2030 and move towards carbon neutrality in all other areas.

We care about the climate crisis because . . . 

Taking action in response to the climate crisis we face is not only necessary, but required. It’s crucial to spread awareness and inspire action among others in order to create stability for the generations that will follow ours. Color ultimately symbolizes life. We believe in maintaining the color this world has left, and building upon it to a point of safety. We stand together for climate justice and urgent action to stop the ravages of climate change at home and abroad.

Our goals . . . 

  1. Direct Action: Raise Money to contribution to Climate Action Efforts

  2. Education: Educate our community on the impact and solutions to the Climate Crisis